Diversity Policy

Gaming Daily Report - GamingDailyReport.net

1. Our commitment:

At Gaming Daily Report, we believe that news should be open to all voices, perspectives and communities. Our commitment to diversity shapes both our news content and our team.

2. Diversity in Content:

We are committed to using sources that represent different communities, cultures and perspectives in our news coverage.

We adopt a balanced approach that includes different views and voices on important issues.

3. Diversity in our team:

We encourage individuals of different ethnicities, genders, age groups, religions, sexual orientations and disabilities to contribute to our team.

We have fair and objective criteria that support diversity in our recruitment processes.

4. Training and Awareness:

We offer continuous training to our team on cultural sensitivity and diversity.

We organise special events and workshops throughout the year to raise awareness on diversity.

5. Collaboration with Stakeholders:

By collaborating with different communities and organisations, we strive to represent a wider range of voices and perspectives.

By organising joint projects and events with local communities and civil society organisations, we emphasise the importance of diversity and inclusion.

6. Continuous Review:

By reviewing our diversity policy at regular intervals, we aim to ensure that our purpose is always of the highest standards.