No Bylines Policy

Gaming Daily Report -

1. Our commitment:

In order to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of the news, Gaming Daily Report prefers to indicate the name of the author in some news articles. This decision is made to emphasise the credibility and objectivity of the news.

2. Why No Author:

In some cases, it is decided to leave the news article without an author in order to protect the safety of the author or objectivity. In this way, while the personal safety of the author is ensured, possible bias on the content of the news is prevented.

3. Editorial Process:

All news published without an author are meticulously analysed by our editorial team. Additional checks are applied to ensure that these news are accurate and impartial.

4. Transparency:

In news without an author, our readers are given a general information about why the content is presented without an author. This aims to increase the credibility of the news.

5. Feedback:

We take into account our readers' feedback on unscripted news. We encourage them to contact us with any questions or concerns.

6. Review:

We regularly review our no-author news policy and update it as needed so that we maintain our commitment to providing our readers with content of the highest standards.